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IO. Clinic is a pioneer in the development of ionization of daily products, which radically transform the beauty and household care industry around the world.


To be the first choice of consumers and customers by fully understanding their needs and offering products for best results with care for environment and future generations.

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IO.Clinic strives to meet the needs of a modern person without harm to the environment. IO.Clinic seeks to grow its business with social responsibility, honesty and with added value for the most valuable human resource – their health.


Most cosmetic and household products provide superficial results only, so IO.Clinic technologists have developed technology that enables the production of high-potency daily products. IO.Clinic has created and patented an active ionized formula to apply high technology in balance with nature. IO.Clinic brings to the table win-win production strategy to ensure proactive care about the environment and people.

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IO.Clinic was born out of a passion for science, environmentalism, and a commitment to well-being and a healthy approach to taking care of our loved ones. It all started when Svetlana Korneva, an experienced organic cosmetics entrepreneur, developed a keen interest in healthy personal care and home cleaning products with her first pregnancy. Svetlana began to closely study the products on the international market, trying to find harmless and effective products for taking care of herself and her unborn child. 

Together with an experienced team of scientists, Svetlana studied cosmetic products and household chemicals on the EU market. She was amazed to learn that there were unsatisfactory quantity healthy products available in Europe that work at a deep level and give visible results. Svetlana set out to find a way to create a healthy alternative to what people use on a daily basis. Products should enhance the protective properties of the body and increase the efficiency of home cleaning products without harming the environment, Svetlana believed.

Svetlana's goal was to develop technologies that will be available to the mass consumer. Science should serve people, bringing benefits through household and beauty products, Svetlana was convinced. 

Svetlana led an initial 2-years journey wiA year later, in 2020, Svetlana created and launched the IO.Clinic company from scratch, wishing to make significant changes to the industry.
IO. Clinic pioneered and already started to radically transform the beauty and household care industry around the reputable scientists, to solve complex development challenge. They’ve been working with PhD physicians, chemists, and microbiologists to perfect products formulas.

Finally, the team received testing results that exceeded expectations. That’s how the ionization of the active product formula appeared. The technology allows to ionize active formula of the product for getting deep, natural and prolonged results.

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